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Today was a great day! First, mommy put me under my jungle mat and I figured out if I reach my hand up to the cat and touched it, it played a song. Wow! I couldn't stop touching it! It was so cool! Then, I saw the lamp behind me and I really wanted to get to it, but I couldn't quite figure out how to roll over and get it, but I am going to try again tomorrow! I hope that I'll be able to. This afternoon mommy bundled me all up and took on a walk with miss stephanie. Wow, she is so nice, I was kind of having a fussy afternoon, but as soon as I saw stephanie I just had to smile. The weather was so chilly, but I had my two soft blankets, my toboggan and my booties on to keep me warm. I was so sleepy, but we went to a new neighborhood I had never been too, it was too exciting to sleep! Right now, daddy is letting me watch tv on his lap, I am learning all about this years election. It just keeps me up at night wondering who is going to win. Oh yeah, yesterday all my friends came over for a party on my blanket (that's what the picture is below) it was a little crazy. Well, it's almost my bathtime (i love bathtime)! Thanks Grayson for leaving me a comment! Can't wait till we can play together!!!

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Heather said...

Krista - I love Oak's new site! Travis and I will be following along. His site is here: