Trick or Treat

Saturday, October 25, 2008 - - 1 Comments

I hope that you all are having a great day and enjoying this fall weather. This is the coldest weather I have ever felt. Mom and dad keep putting hats and jackets on me when I go outside. I don't really like them, although they are very fun to chew. I am so excited because from what I hear Halloween is next week. It is my first Halloween and I heard that you get all kinds of candy, I only wish I had some teeth. Mommy and her friend Jenn picked me out this costume. It was between this costume and a giraffe, but this one was my favorite because it is so soft. It does hurt my head a little bit, but I know that I look super cute! I can't wait to wear it on Halloween.

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millie smith said...

dear oak, you are so silly. i want to squeeze you in that costume. mama put your new blog in her google reader so i can keep up with you. i also love your fuzzy green hat you were wearing in the pumpkin patch. love you! ~grayson