I love fall!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008 - - 3 Comments

Today was a beautiful fall day! I had such a good day today. First mommy and I took a walk to see Courtney at church and she was so fun. She held me and introduced me to everybody at her church. They were all so nice to me and I just smiled and was so cute. They loved me! After we got home mommy, daddy, william wallace and I went on a hike. I wasn't quite sure what a hike was, but mommy and daddy seemed excited so I agreed to go. The trees were so beautiful as we hiked up Crowders. The leaves were orange, red and yellow. When we got to the top, I could see all the skyscrapers in Charlotte. It was so exciting that on the way back down I fell asleep. I can't wait till we go back. Also, please don't be shy, leave me some comments I like to know what's going on with y'all too!

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Jim said...

Hi Oak,

It looks like you had a great view during your hike. Ask Mommy why the leaves change color and how they all know to do it at the same time. Can't wait to meet you!

--Uncle Jim

Holli said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! I can't wait to meet you Oak! Yall should make a trip to Nashville...it's great!

TAYLOR =) said...

Hey Oak;
I don't want to comment every day individually so I'm going to do it all at once!
I LOVE the Halloween costume..Is ADORABLE!! :)
I like Sarah Palin Too. I saw her the day Carly was born. Actually, your mommy told me when she was born while I was waiting in line to see Sarah!!
I wish I could have William Wallace instead of my crazy pup. Your lucky!!!
I can't wait to see you- your sooooooooo CUTE!!! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)
Love you all <3
-Taylor...PS you dont know me but you will SOON!!!!!