Weekend Update

Sunday, November 9, 2008 - - 0 Comments

I had such an exciting weekend! My Nena came and visited. I just love her. She played with me while Mommy and Daddy cleaned our house. She is the best! She also cleaned our kitchen and mommy and daddy's bathroom. I've never seen the house so shiny! Thanks Nena! I hope I inherit Nena's sense of cleanliness instead of my mommy and daddy's. Church today was so fun too! Mommy and daddy were going to keep me with them in the service, but I decided to be chatty so I could go hang out with my buddy Carol Ann in the nursery. After church we stayed for the lasagna lunch and I let everybody hold me and tell me how cute I was and boy was I being cute! I just cooed and giggled at everybody. I'm the most popular baby at the church (not b/c I am the only baby there, but just because I am soooo adorable). Oh yeah, and the most exciting thing is that I have this thing poking through my gum. Daddy told me it was called a tooth. It hurts a little and mommy says ouch everytime I put her finger in my mouth. Afterwhile Crockidiles.

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